Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of questions, frequently asked by our customers:

  • How often should my hot tub be serviced? 

Ideally a full disinfection and valet is recommended every 6-12 months, depending on usage. Due to the high temperature at which most hot tubs operate, they can be an ideal breeding ground for germs and bacteria, which will build up on all surfaces, both external and internal. Even if you maintain a good level of disinfection, and change your water regularly, bacteria can still thrive on surfaces and internal pipework, and can become very resistant to normal methods of disinfection. We use a special chemical to remove the biofilm build up in pipework and on surfaces to ensure that there is nowhere for germs to breed.

  • What is Biofilm?

Simply put, Biofilm is a name given to a slimy build up of bacteria, dirt, fats, cosmetics, algae and grease on internal pipework and fittings. This biofilm is resistant to the normal flow of water across it’s surface, and requires special chemical treatment to remove it. Even if your hot tub water looks clean, if the tub has not been properly serviced within the last 6 months, there is a good chance that biofilm has started to build up inside.

  • What causes pool/hot tub water to go green?

Green water is caused by Algae growing in the water. This is normally due to disinfection levels being too low in the water, although in some rare cases can also be caused by something stopping the disinfection chemicals from working. When treating a pool or hot tub we recommend regular testing of the water to ensure that chemical levels are correctly maintained, and we always work to the Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group standards for disinfection. We can always help with disinfection problems.

  • What is the best thing I can do to keep my hot tub in good working order?

Regularly changing the water for fresh clean water and maintaining the correct chemical disinfection/pH balance are the most important general maintenance tasks one can do. Some manufacturers say that the same water can be kept in a hot tub for up to 6 months, but in our experience this is excessive – imagine using the same bath water for 6 months! Whilst the filters in a hot tub are very good at removing dirt and contaminents, they are no substitute for a regular water change, and we would recommend that the filters be cleaned regularly as well to provide optimum levels of service. Another important thing to do is to shower before entering your hot tub.

  • I empty and refill my tub with fresh clean water regularly, does it still need to be professionally serviced?

We would certainly advise a regular full service and valet, even if the water is regularly replaced, as a service can spot any potential problems or faults with the tub. It will also help with disinfection, as the hot tub temperature is ideal for bacteria such as Legionella to breed. As detailed above, regular servicing and cleaning will also remove internal biofilm build up.

  • How often should I replace my filters?

It is recommended that hot tub filters be replaced up to every 12 months, as a clogged filter will easily impair the filtration cycle of the hot tub, and in some cases can lead to further faults with circulation and heating. We can supply replacement filters as required.

  • I have a problem with my hot tub, but it is still under warranty, should I call you to fix it?

If your hot tub is still under warranty, you should contact the supplier you bought the tub from in order to have it repaired, as any repairs undertaken whilst under warranty by an external company such as ourselves, could invalidate your manfacturers warranty. We would still be able to diagnose a fault if required, without affecting your warranty. Please give us a call if you are unsure.

  • My hot tub is showing an error code, but I don’t know what it means, what should I do? 

If you have an error code, or a flashing light sequence showing on your control panel, then please give us a call and we will do our best to diagnose the problem. Although error codes are helpful in identifying a fault, they can be misleading as to the actual cause of a given problem, so we would normally have to visit to identify the exact nature of the fault.

  • My side panels cannot be removed, can you still service/repair the tub?

Most hot tubs come with removeable access panels right around the tub, but some are designed to only have one removeable panel, where all the main components are located. We will have no problem servicing these, but if we are unable to access the internal components of the hot tub for any reason, then this may become a problem. Some hot tubs may have been installed recessed into the ground, or next to a wall or fence, and this could also inhibit access. Please give this consideration, and feel free to call us to discuss if you are unsure.

  • My hot tub isn’t heating up properly, what should I do?

There can be many reasons why your hot tub may not be heating up, anything from dirty filters to a faulty element may be the cause. We would recommend a site visit to identify the problem, which may be easily fixed.

  • What areas of Norfolk do you cover?

We cover all of the Norfolk area, but we will travel into North Suffolk as well. We are based in Norwich, and as such are perfectly placed to reach the whole of the Norfolk area. Unfortunately, it becomes uneconomical for us to travel out much further than a 50 mile radius, as we do charge a nominal distance fee to cover fuel costs. The further we have to travel the more expensive it becomes for the customer, so we try to keep the service to the local area. Quotes are available for your location, please call for further details.

  • How quickly can you service/repair my hot tub?

Depending on the nature of our visit, we always aim to resolve your requests as quickly as possible. Should parts be required, they can normally be obtained within 2 working days, and if there is a longer lead time on any parts you will be kept informed.

  • Do you supply parts without fitting?

We will supply any parts you require as long as they are available, wether we fit them or not. However parts supplied by us which are then incorrectly fitted by yourself will not be covered by warranty, and we will not accept returns in this case. Please also be sure you know exactly what type of part it is that you require, as misidentified or un-needed parts which you return would be subject to a restocking charge. If you are at all unsure of the part you require, then we would recommend a site visit to correctly identify the part you need.

  • I want to winterise my hot tub, can I just empty it and leave it for winter?

Not a good idea! If your hot tub is outdoors, it will need to be properly winterised, this means a complete drain down and removal of all water from pipework, pumps and all associated fittings. Any water left anywhere in the tub internals can freeze over winter and cause internal damage – normally manifesting in the form of a cracked pipe and a leak. We provide a full winterising service for your hot tub. It is recommended that a winterise takes place after a full valet, to ensure that the tub is correctly cleaned and disinfected ready for winter storage.

  • Do you sell hot tubs?

Yes, we sell used, reconditioned hot tubs and spas, serviced and tested by us, please visit our For Sale page. We can help with brand new purchases as well, call us or visit The Hot Tub Centre in Norwich, with whom we work closely with servicing and installation, selling new top of the range Arctic Spas – some of the best on the market.

  • What kind of warranty/guarantee do you offer?

Due to the harsh working nature of the hot tub environment, repair work and parts supplied are only guaranteed for a period of 90 days from installation/job completion. Larger items such as pumps, heaters etc. are also subject to the manufacturers warranty as standard.

  • How much do your services cost?

Our standard callout charge starts at £60 for up to an hours visit within a 25 mile radius of NR3 4DX, regardless of wether a repair can be completed or not, but this is normally enough time to diagnose a problem. This charge will apply to all callouts of any nature. Further work is priced at £35 for each consecutive hour of labour until the job is completed (also the standard hourly rate for arranged work).

Any parts or equipment supplied will be charged accordingly. Full quotations are available before you decide to go ahead with any work.

Pricing varies depending on location, type of job etc. We offer fixed price servicing for all makes and models of hot tub, at £120 plus distance charge (please call to confirm) – Please see our Servicing page for more details.

Hot tub moves will be priced depending on distance and access requirements, and a site visit would be essesntial for accurate pricing, although an estimate could be provided over the phone.

Please call us for further details.

  • Can you give me advice on using my pool/hot tub?

We are more than happy to offer advice on every aspect of swimming pool and hot tub use, from basic maintenance to upgrades and modifications, please give us a call.

If there is anything we can do to help you with any aspect of your hot tub then please do not hesitate to give us a call on
07590 530 301 (preferred) or 01603 441 962