Our Services

hot tub servicing

We recommend a regular service for your hot tub to safely maintain the tub to the highest standard. We can provide this service as frequently as you like, but we would recommend that you service at least once a year. Our service includes:

  • Complete functionality check - Pumps, Heater, Jets, Controller, Lighting, Blower and any other ancilliary devices.
  • Full disinfection and internal pipework clean/biofilm removal (see FAQs).
  • Shell and fittings disinfected and cleaned.
  • Cover disinfected and cleaned.
  • Filters cleaned or replaced as required (replacement filters are charged as extras).
  • Repairs undertaken as required with customer consent - full quotations provided before work is undertaken.

Basic servicing as detailed above is available at a fixed price, although final cost my vary with distance - please contact us for a quote and to discuss your individual requirements.


We offer a comprehensive repair service for hot tubs and swimming pools. We can provide most types of hot tub and above ground pool repair work, including:

  • Pump repair/replacement (all types)
  • Plumbing and pipe repairs and modifications
  • Filtration system repairs and upgrades, including pool filter media changes
  • Hot tub heating repairs
  • Lighting repairs and upgrades
  • Control systems and electronics repairs & upgrades
  • Chemical dosing system repairs, upgrades and advice
  • Cover replacement (hot tub & pool)
  • Algae removal and dirty water treatment & disinfection

We have a great deal of experience with all makes and models of hot tub, old or new, so from replacing a jet to a complete retrofit, we can be sure to help. We are limited to above ground repairs on swimming pools, as we do not undertake structural work at the moment.

Quotations are available on request.

Pool Servicing

We provide a comprehensive maintenance package for outdoor and indoor swimming pools of all types, large or small. Our swimming pool service package includes as much or as little as you require - we offer weekly, fortnightly or monthly visits, or as often as you would like. Our pool servicing is tailored to your individual requirements, and is designed to meet your needs. Our service includes:

  • Chemical testing and water balancing, in accordance with PWTAG* guidelines
  • Pools fully cleaned and vacuumed
  • Surface netting of floating debris
  • Filters backwashed and checked
  • Pump strainer baskets emptied and cleaned
  • Algae removal where required
  • Skimmers and baskets cleaned
  • Drainage channels cleaned (deck level pools)
  • Waterlines cleaned as required
  • Heating checked and adjusted as required
  • Automatic chemical dosing systems checked and calibrated

Whilst these are the basics of any pool service, no two pools are alike, and the service is always highly individualised. Quotations for all servicing can be provided, and a site visit is recommended so that we can meet you and discuss your requirements in person, ensuring that your needs are met.

*PWTAG: Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group

Fault Diagnosis

We have a great deal of experience with hot tub fault diagnosis on all makes and models, and if things don't seem to be working as they should, then we can help. We can normally identify faults very quickly, and over the years there have not been many faults we haven't encountered. Most hot tubs will show an error code or a series of flashing lights on the control panel if something is not working properly, and these can be a helpful indicator of the nature of the fault. If your hot tub is showing a fault code then please give us a call and we will endeavour to match the code to the fault.

Even if there is no error code, but things aren't working as they should, we can quickly identify the problem, and advise you on the best course of action to take. We can often fix faults on the spot, but if a repair requires replacement parts, we will supply a quote for the repair, and you can make a decision as to wether or not you would like to proceed.

Please give us a call to discuss any problems you are having, and we will be happy to help.

Hot Tub Relocating

We offer a moving and relocation service for any hot tub, and we can help if you are moving house and want to take your hot tub with you, have recently bought one and want to get it delivered to you or simply want yours moved from A to B. We use a custom built hot tub trailer, with a custom built dolly and air jack to manouver the hot tub onto its side where necessary - this enables us to negotiate tighter spaces, with the only width restriction being the height of the hot tub itself (without the cover). Please see the gallery for photos of some of our previous moves.

Here are some things to consider before a move:

  • Measure the size of the hot tub. You will need to consider its dimensions before moving it to its new home. We can put tubs up on to their side for transportation on a purpose built dolly, but you will need to allow 1 metre clearance on the route (if your tub stands taller than 1 metre then you will need to measure its height)
  • Is the ground prepared for the hot tub? Some tubs weigh over 2 tonnes when full of water and this will need to be considered before installation.
  • Are there any corners that we will need to get round? Hot tubs don't bend, so if we can't rotate it around a corner we will not be able to get it to where it needs to be.
  • Are the internal components secure? Everything will need to be checked for potential movement, so that damage does not occur during the move.
  • Is the frame and base of the hot tub in good order? Any rotting wood may easily brake once we try to move a tub, and we do not accept responsibilty for any damage caused to rotten wood during a move.
  • Are there any steps on the route? one or two may be ok, but a flight of steps may not be possible with the dolly.
  • Are there any soft surfaces on the route? If the dolly wheels dig into a soft surface they can be hard to get out.
  • The height of the tub if we need to bring it in on its side: This is the width of the tub (measured from the side of the pumps) plus the height of the dolly - allow 30cm.
  • Anything that may be in the way? Things such as light fittings, archways, satellite dishes, phone/power cables, plant pots, trees and bushes. Some things can be removed temporarily and be replaced once the move is complete, but this will need to be considered beforehand and removed by yourself, as we can not be responsible for removing features and fittings ourselves.

Our moving service starts at £250 for a local (Norfolk) move. We can of course travel nationwide, but moves outside of Norfolk will be priced based on return distance.

Be wary of moving companies quoting less, only to increase the price on arrival, for various unforeseen "issues". For us there are no hidden charges, and you can be sure of the utmost care being taken to protect your hot tub throughout, and the security of using a local company.

As with all of our services, we can advise you on the best course of action for any special requirements you may have.

Pool Openings

Ready to reopen your pool after the winter months? Has your pool been closed down for a while? We offer a full service to reopen a closed pool, indoor or outdoor, and at any time of the year. We can offer everything that you need to get your pool up and running again after a closedown period, and wether its been closed for years or just the winter, we can help. Our opening service includes:

  • Winter/debris covers removed, and stored as required
  • Complete cleaning and removal of all debris
  • Filtration and chemical dosing systems recommissioned and activated
  • Green or cloudy pools cleared as required
  • Water level normalised
  • Drainage channels cleaned
  • Pool plant and pipework checked for normal operation and signs of damage
  • Fully shock dosed and disinfected
  • Algae removed if present and preventative algaecide added
  • Skimmers and strainer baskets cleaned
  • Water balanced to PWTAG & ISPE recommendations
  • Pool chemicals supplied as required
  • Other services as required

IMPORTANT: It can take a few days to reopen a swimming pool, depending on the condition and size of the pool and water, and the efficiency of the filtration system. Whilst every effort is taken to ensure that an opening is completed as quickly as possible, no two pools are alike, and the water may be slow to respond to treatment. Please allow at least a fortnight prior to the date you would like to use your pool.

Please contact us for more information about this service. Free site visits and estimates are available on request.

Pool Close Downs

Ready to close your pool for the winter? Going away for a while? We offer a full pool closedown/winterising service for indoor or outdoor pools. The service includes:

  • Pool fully vacuumed and cleaned
  • Water Shock treated and pH adjusted to correct levels as necessary
  • Winterising chemicals (algaecide & stain inhibitor - copper free) added
  • Skimmer and pump strainer baskets cleaned and emptied
  • Drainage channels cleared
  • Water level dropped below skimmers/deck to allow for winter rainfall
  • Filter, pumps and pipework cleaned, drained and isolated
  • All chemical dosing systems emptied
  • Pool equipment stored as required
  • Winter cover fitted (if you have one)
  • All power supplies isolated
  • Other services as required

IMPORTANT: If your pool is green, cloudy or dirty then it will require separate service visits before I will be able to close it. Closedowns can usually be completed in one or two visits, but this may vary depending on the condition or size of the pool. Please contact me to discuss your requirements.

We also recommend a mid winter checkup, where the pool is retreated with winterising chemicals and shock treated again to keep algae at bay. This has proved to be a very worthwhile service, and normally pays dividends when it is time to open up for the summer again.

Please give us a call for further details.


We can provide an emergency callout service for any unanticipated problems. Our emergency service is available for both hot tub and pool owners, although we are a small family business, and as such it is subject to our availability. We will however, endeavour to help where we can, and if we can't make it out to you we can normally help you over the phone.

Please be aware that out of hours callouts are priced at double time, and any visits after 5.00pm Monday to Friday and any time on weekends or bank holidays (except by prior arrangement) will fall into this pricing.

Please don't hesitate to call if you need help, and if we cannot answer for any reason, then please leave a message and we will return your call as soon as possible.