Hot tub servicing in Norwich

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Ensuring your hot tub works smoothly

Regular maintenance of your hot tub is essential to make sure it operates without any problems. Our team can carry out a regular service for your hot tub to safely maintain it and keep it in good working order. We can provide this service as often as you would like, but an annual service is recommended for the best operation of your tub.

You can rely on our hot tub professionals for:

  • Complete functionality check of all the different parts of the hot tub and related devices
  • Disinfection of tub and pipework
  • Internal pipework cleaning/biofilm removal
  • Electrical safety checks along with full functionality checks
  • Cleaning of cover
  • Cleaning of filters and removable fittings such as headrests

As part of our hot tub functionality check, we carry out thorough checks of:

  • Pumps
  • Heater
  • Jets & air system
  • Control system and topside panel
  • Lighting
  • Blower and any other ancilliary devices
  • Pipework and joints for leaks

We offer hot tub servicing in both regular and one-off options. Contact Norfolk Hot Tub & Pool on 07590 530 301 today.

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